Missing ‘Lonely’

Many years ago, our daughter had a stuffed toy she called ‘Lonely’. The cat went with her everywhere. One day, we think in the local Shopping Mall, she lost it. As you can imagine, she was devastated, and we were upset for her.

We looked everywhere we could think of but couldn’t find it anywhere!


I made up some “Missing Posters” as you would for a real cat gone missing and stuck them up around and inside the mall. I got I into an altercation with Store Security who didn’t want any posters! They were right of course, but I was thinking like a Dad, not a responsible shopper!

Anyway, after a week, she hadn’t forgotten “Lonely “and as he hadn’t surfaced, we quietly bought another. (Typical really, couldn’t find one initially).

We made a big deal to our daughter who was overjoyed and so very, very happy. Later that morning, even more excited, she ran to us telling us that there was “another Lonely” at the back of the cupboard …. it’d never be lonely again.