2020 Cat Toys Rechargeable Ball,Interactive Wicked Rolling,Newest Upgraded,Indoor Cat Entertainment Exercise Ball, for Kitten Kitty Only

  • Price : 17.99
  • 【Self Rolling Cat Toys Ball】Roll around and Change direction automaticaly and smartly. Intelligent enough to bounce off of obstacles and move to another random path with led light flashing. Robotic self rolling ball entertainments your cats and gives them lots of exercise. Make your kitty happier and healthier.
  • 【USB Rechargeable】USB cable is provided to charge the ball.USB interface is built inside the shell to avoid damage by chew and water . Two hours recharging lasts 3.5-4 hours rolling. Notice: Recharge the ball first once open the pacakge as the battery coud be somewhat low.
  • 【Newest Upgraded】Power efficiency and battery life are largely improved . Third generation of self moving ball cat toy is not simply enhanced but re-constructed in core to improve rolling performance and bring down battery comsuption.
  • 【Built-in Led Light】There is a soft red Led light embed in the ball to catch cat's attention when the toy ball is rolling.
  • 【Perfect for Young Cats】Most young cats love to follow ,chase, play this ball.It's a perfect gift for Christmas etc. Be cautious if the cat is above 5years old as they might have little interest in this toy.It may not for over-cautious cats as the ball moves randomly.