Cat Scratcher Cardboard,2 Pack Scratcher Pad with Catnip,Scratching Posts,Cat Toy Scratch Board Lounge (cat Scratcher Cardboard)

  • Price : $22.99
Size :cat scratcher cardboard

Material: high quality recyclable paper
Use scene : suitable for outdoor / indoor, as cat sofa, cat bed, cat house, cat toy
Packing: 2*pads; 1*box; 1*catnip

  • *Buy one get three: Two cat claw board +One paper box. Cat claw board is available on both sides. Can sleep and catch. Size: 45*20.5*5.5cm / 17.7*8.07*2.16inch (length * width * height)
  • *Protect your furniture and their claws: Grinding paws is cat's nature. When there is nothing to grind at home, cats will destroy furniture ,which will hurt their paws.
  • *Wave cat claw plate design: built-in two cat claw board.Wavy design will more fit the cat body curve, make the cat claws more refreshing.
  • *Tray design: It can reduce the flying paper and keep the home environment clean and tidy; the carton is also the place where the cat likes to sleep.Also the cat thinks it is a sofa for them.
  • *Available for all ages: Suitable for big cats and kittens. Included a packet of catnip that is will guide the cat to use the cat claw board.