Naturpet Immuno Boost | Natural Pet Immune Support | K9 Immunity | Cat Immune Support |100% Natural, Safe, Effective Internal Cleanse & Antioxidant | 100 ml Bottle with Dropper

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NaturPet’s IMMUNO BOOST is a revitalizing herbal D-tox for your pet. It is an essential part of any long term rejuvenating program for pets who suffer from chronic illnesses. This formula supports your pet’s healthy immune function and helps to maintain physical performance. IMMUNO BOOST can also be used as a preventative measure by using it 2 or 3 times a year as a cleanse.


Burdock root (Arctium lappa)
Used traditionally as a blood purifier and is also helpful in arthritis. Contains large amounts of insulin and mucilage which may help to explain its beneficial effect on inflammatory conditions of the bowel such as gastritis and ulcerative colitis. Animal studies have reported the benefit of Burdock in reducing liver damage.

Sheep’s Sorrel leaf (Rumex acetosella)
Used extensively by North American indigenous tribes for a variety of conditions including fever and inflammation. Widely used in modern times for stimulating cellular regeneration and as an alterative or systemic cleanser. Contains several anthraquinones which are effective antioxidants and free-radical scavengers.

Slippery Elm bark (Ulmus rubra)
Used by both North American indigenous peoples and the early colonists as a source of food and medicine. High in mucilage which contains a complex mixture of poly saccaharides. Soothes sore throats, tonsillitis, dryness of the lungs and digestive upsets. Also aids in reduction of bowel transit time for and the absorption of toxins from the bowel.

Turkey Rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum)
Highly beneficial for constipation & diarrhea. Low doses are used to stop dysentery and higher doses are used as a safe and effective laxative. Arthroquinones in this herb are responsible for many of its benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties. Arthroquinones stimulate cellular regeneration while acting as a detoxifier.

  • Contains POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS to provide your pet IMMUNE SUPPORT & protect against free radicals.
  • GENTLE CLEANSE promotes release & elimination of toxins. Suitable for kittens, puppies, cats & dogs.
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED - formulated by master herbalists using natures finest ingredients. Drug free!
  • Build back your pet's IMMUNE SYSTEM after deworming, surgery, chronic illness, and for aging pets.
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER. Simply drop dose on pet's food or directly in mouth. 1-4 months supply.