Tidy Cats Free & Clean Lightweight Cat Litter for Multiple Cats – 5.44 kg

  • Price : $18.98
Size :NEW! 5.44 kg

Deliver powerful odour control to your cat's litter box with Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented lightweight cat litter with Ammonia Blocker. This kitty litter is free from fragrances and dyes, giving you an unscented litter option to meet your and your cat's unique preferences. Activated charcoal absorbs odours on contact, while Ammonia Blocker prevents ammonia odour for 14 days when used as directed, helping to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. With its lightweight technology this Tidy Cats litter is easy to carry, pour and store for effortless litter box maintenance. Your cat can appreciate a moisture-locking kitty litter that helps to control odours while keeping her comfortable. You can appreciate the 99.9% dust-free composition of this Tidy Cats cat litter, which minimizes dust clouds when you fill the litter box.

  • Unscented cat litter that's free of fragrances and dyes
  • Features odour-absorbing activated charcoal
  • Lightweight formula is over 50% lighter than the leading clumping litter
  • Ammonia Blocker prevents ammonia odour for 14 days, guaranteed
  • 99.9% Dust Free
  • Easy to carry, pour and store